Sicilian Pastry Vape Co.
The excellence of Sicilian Pastry turned into Vapor: try the new two amazing e-juices Cannolo and Cassata!
For the fans of the original ANML liquids, ANML Unleashed is the next evolution of your favorite juices, offering products at affordable prices without compromising on the flavor. This new brand is a champion of pushing the boundaries of human expression in our respective arts - in whatever shape or form that comes. After all, art is what separates us from animals.
Jam Monster
Jam Monster hit the ground running with two delicious breakfast variations mixing a fresh buttery toast with your choice of strawberry or blueberry jam. Jam monster recently announced its third flavor, Apple Jam, at the 2017 ECC Expo in Detroit.
Jazzy Boba
The enticing swirl of jasmine and milk tea, has been blowing up on the scene for months now and just won Best in Show at Vape Summit III! This juice is so good that it won against thousands of other vendors!
Tinted Brew
Nilla Vapers is rich Vanilla Wafer cookie dipped in a cold glass of Milk. Definition of an All Day Vape. Each box comes with 1 60ml Bottle of Nilla Vapers & 1 Custom 30ml Yellow Chubby Gorilla Bottle!
King's Crest
Discover these incredible juices from King Crest. Duchess Reserve, Don Juan, Strawberry Duchess, Pudding King, Corn King, Candy King and Bread King.
Royal Blend
Royal Blend is one of the Top Italian E-Liquids Manufacturer that promise quality and some of the best flavors in Mix Series format!
Naked E-Liquids
Whether you prefer a fruity smoothy ejuice, a cool menthol flavor or a classic Tobacco Ejuice, Naked 100 E juice has a flavor for you. All three premium lines are handcrafted to perfection.
Mad Hatter Juices
Founded in Los Angeles, Mad Hatter Juice is the company behind the popular Max VG e-liquids: I Love Donuts, I Love Cookies, I Love Popcorns, and I Love Taffy.
Ripe Vapes Handcrafted
Ripe Vapes manufactures a premium line of high quality E-liquid with a popular assortment of exclusive and unique flavors. Our best selling Vanilla Custard Tobacco (VCT) aged for ninety days in french oak barrels.
Kilo White Series
Kilo White Series introduces four delicious flavors with a milky and smooth blend that consist of a strawberry and chocolate taste.
Milky Cones by Kilo
Milky Cones is the new premium line produced by Kilo. The ice cream cone packaging give to the product a unique power in the market, and the e-liquids are available in three versions: Vanilla Bean, Cookies 'n Cream and Strawberry Shortcake. Unique flavors to taste!
Elevate Lifestyle
A lifestyle company that creates and connects brands and products to global consumers through social media and event marketing.
Mr. Macaron
Say bonjour to Mr. Macaron! Imagine a perfectly balanced macaron with a crunchy meringue shell and smooth and creamy ganache, now add silky caramel and some salt and you’ve got Mr. Macaron Salted Caramel. Now that’s amour.
Ethos Vapor
A perfectly sweet, wonderfully delicious sweet marshmallow cereal bar avalaible in three different flavors: Green Apple, Strawberry and Vanilla.
Top Class Juices
Top Class is an exceptional team of young individuals whose passion for perfecting premium e-juice. Each flavor is handcrafted and blended together to develop a rich, complex, and premium e-juice.
Suprem-e Juices
Suprem-e is one of the leader in the e-juice italian market thanks to the quality of their products. From 2017 they have decided to collaborate with Mix Series to create a new fantastic flavor.
Fuck Jerry's E-Liquid
In collaboration with @fuckjerry and over 10 million followers across his social accounts, Fuck Jerry's E-Juice to raise the standards of ice cream flavored juice in this industry.
Sneakerhead by Glas
Founded in Los Angeles, Glas Vapor is one of the best e-juices company in all over the world. This year, they have launched a new line called Sneakerhead: every shoe recall a fantastic flavor.
PURE Neutral base
PURE is a neutral base clean as air. It's possible to use this base for Mix Series and for make your custom e-liquids. It is avalaible in bottles from: 10ml, 100ml, 250ml, and 1L.
Vitruviano's Juices
Founded in Campania, Italy, Vitruviano's Juices is a line of e-liquids inspired to the flavors of the South Italy with a mix of fruits and desserts. Available from 2017 in Mix Series format.